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Now you can Edit your Notes in Tali!
Now you can Edit your Notes in Tali!

We've made some changes to the user experience and interface to give you more control and visibility into your notes.

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What in Tali is changing?

The first thing you'll notice is we've moved the Profile, Home and History buttons to the side of the sidebar. These will stay visible as you do different things with Tali, so they'll always be available to you:

Grouping information in an Encounter

The second thing that is actually the most important: we've created an encounter grouping of all the activities associated with one visit, so that you can find them and work with them more easily. This encounter view provides, we hope, a more intuitive organization of notes within the History view. It is also a more scalable design for some features we have planned for the not-to-distant future:

You may notice some other improvements such as the time of the encounter and the length of the recording is included in the view.

Editing your Note

With this Encounter grouping, you can now open the generated note and edit it to your heart’s content. How, you ask? Easy we say!

  1. Find the encounter you want to update and click on it

  2. Click on the text and enter your changes

  3. If you like your changes, click the blue 'Save Changes' button; if you want to discard them, click the little grey 'x' to the left of that blue button.

Once you're happy with the note, you can move it over to your EHR as you normally would.

Top Tip: Editing your note in Tali instead of in your EHR lets us learn from your improvements, so that we can draft your notes even better in the future.

Editing the Name of the Encounter

As before you can edit the name of the encounter, to help keep them straight when you have lots of visits back to back:

Deleting all Notes

We've also made deleting notes that little bit easier.

  1. Click the three little dots at the top right

  2. Select 'Delete All History'

  3. When prompted, confirm.

Let us know what you think by messaging us at [email protected].

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