How to use Ambient Scribe
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Ambient Scribe uses specialized Natural Language Processing, automated speech recognition (ASR) and generative AI to generate clinical documentation from listening to a conversation. That conversation can be of you speaking with a patient, or just you giving a summary of the visit.

Required Plan

Any Tali user can use Ambient Scribe. As part of your free trial when you first sign up for Tali, you get an unlimited number of Scribes (as well as access to all of our other features — sign up here).

With our Pro Plan, you get an unlimited number of Scribes. With our Premium Plan, you get 5 Scribes per month.

How do I use it?

Step 1: Decide what to record

Decide if you want to record the entire patient interaction, or just provide a summary yourself.

If you provide a summary, you don't need to worry about ordering your thoughts, the AI will put the right things in the right places in the note.

If you're recording the patient interaction, do get the patient’s consent before proceeding.

Step 2: Start the visit

On your computer or mobile phone, click on 'Record and Summarize a Patient Visit'. Tali will start listening and transcribing what is said.

Now, you can turn and focus on your patient and start talking to them. Run your visit as usual.

TOP TIP: If you make any observations, be sure to say them out loud so that Tali can include them in the note.

Step 3: Decide which template to use

In the Template drop down, select the template you wish to use. You can use more than one, but you'll need to do them one after the other. See instructions here.

Step 4: Click Done

Click Done and your note will be generated. Click 'Copy' and then click in the spot in your EHR where you want the text to be entered. You can edit it in your EHR as you normally would.

Note: If your EHR has different boxes for the various sections of your SOAP note, you can copy one section at a time:

  • In the Chrome Extension or desktop app, just hover over the section you want to copy with your cursor and you'll see a small icon appear next to the section heading.

  • In the Mobile App, long press on the section and you'll see the option to copy that section only.

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