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How to Use Templates in Ambient Scribe
How to Use Templates in Ambient Scribe

Tali offers several templates to help you create notes the way you want.

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What is a template?

A template is a structure that the generative AI will use as a basis for creating the note. For Tali, it isn't only the structure, but also the instructions we provide to ensure that hte note is generated to suit your expectations.

Tali offers multiple templates, designed to suit different situations. This article is about how to use them.

How to select a particular template

Once you start recording with Ambient Scribe, you will see a template drop down in the screen. Click on that dropdown to select which template should be used to create the note.

What templates are available?

Tali offers four templates by default: SOAP Note, SOAP Note for Multiple Issues, Consult and a Patient Summary.


Used mostly in primary care, the SOAP note (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) provides a problem-focused summary of a patient's visit.

SOAP Note Multiple Issues

Some patients attend with more than one issue. This template organizes the information for the various issues appropriately within a single SOAP note.


Used mostly by specialists, a consult note is written with the referring physician in mind, summarizing the patient visit.

Patient Summary

This note summarizes the encounter and what was discussed, but is written for the patient to read. Thus, it tends to use lay language, and has a more informal structure.

How to generate multiple documents from one encounter

Often one document from the patient's visit is enough, but sometimes you will want to generate multiple documents from the single encounter.

The high level steps are fairly straightforward:

  1. Use Ambient Scribe to listen to the conversation

  2. Choose the first template and generate the note using that template

  3. One complete, copy the transcription from the conversation and resubmit it, choosing the second template that you want to use

  4. Repeat as necessary

Let's get into the details.

Generating your first note

First, you'll want to use Ambient Scribe for your patient visit.

Generating your second document

To generate another document from that same conversation:

  • Once the first note is revised and saved in your EMR, go back to Tali and click 'Show History'

  • Find the visit you were working on, click 'Full Transcription' and copy the text using the handy button.

  • Click '<- Back' to go back to the main Tali screen

  • Start a new Ambient Scribe and here's where it gets fancy: you want to paste the transcription you copied a couple of steps above.

  • Change the Template dropdown to the template you want to use

  • Click 'Done', then copy the resulting document into your EHR or other system, reviewing and editing as required.

All done.

What if I want a third or fourth document?

You can repeat this for as many documents as you like.

What if the template I want isn't there?

Contact the team by emailing [email protected].

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