What is Ambient Scribe?
Written by Sheri Patterson
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Ambient Scribe generates a structure note from either a spoken summary of the visit, or from listening to the conversation with the patient. This feature is sometimes referred to an AI Medical Scribe or Medical Co-pilot.

In an age of rapid technological progress, the healthcare sector embraces inventive solutions to streamline operations and elevate patient care. The AI Medical Scribe harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to aid in the documentation process, providing real-time transcription, analysis, and organization of patient interactions. By automating the data entry tasks that often consume valuable time, AI Medical Scribes empower healthcare providers to dedicate more attention to direct patient engagement and crucial decision-making. With the ability to precisely capture patient narratives, synthesize objective data, and even propose potential diagnoses or treatment options, this solution can revolutionize the efficiency and precision of SOAP notes, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of patient care.

What Type of Notes does Tali Support?

Tali's first note was the Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan (SOAP) note. This is the most widely used note by practitioners across many healthcare disciplines, including mental health professionals, to document and organize findings in an objective way.

Notes supported by Tali are:

  • SOAP

  • Consult

  • SOAP Multiple Issues

  • Patient Summary

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