What is Tali AI?

Clinicians work with Tali AI to spend less time on administrative duties

Written by Sheri Patterson
Updated over a week ago

Tali's Ambient Scribe, Medical Dictation, Medical Search, and EHR documentation assistant enable physicians to spend less time on administrative duties.

Ambient Scribe

Have a natural conversation with your patient while Tali records the conversation, documents the important medical information and prepares a complete note for you.

Medical Dictation

By combining advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, medical language models, and speech recognition, Tali records notes directly into your EMR. Compared to typing, documentation takes 3x less time.

Medical Search

Ask Tali questions, including drug and dosage information, and feel assured that the answers come from trustworthy, evidence-based sources: Merck Manuals, ChoosingWisely and OpenFDA.

EHR Assistant

Physicians no longer have to scroll through patient charts, as the voice-command surfaces all documentation on the patient, saving time instead of sifting through charts manually. Providing a better EHR experience in general.

EHR Assistant only works with the Oscar Pro EMR.

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