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Using TeleHealth with Ambient Scribe
Using TeleHealth with Ambient Scribe

Using Ambient Scribe for virtual appointments (TeleHealth)

Written by Sheri Patterson
Updated over a week ago

If you are using Teleconference software to conduct patient visits over the phone, you can use Tali AI's 'TeleHealth' feature to record the conversation and auto-generate your notes.

How do I use it?

  1. In a Chrome Browser, start your patient visit using your teleconference software

  2. Open Tali's Chrome Extension and press the green 'Record and Summarize a Patient Visit' button to start recording in Tali AI

  3. Press the blue TeleHealth button in the top right corner

  4. A popup screen appears asking you to share a Chrome Tab

  5. Select the Tab where your teleconference is running and click the 'Share' button

  6. Tali can hear your patient visit now, and it labels the Clinician and Patient as the meeting progresses

Frequently Asked Questions about TeleHealth

Why can't Tali hear the Patient?

Sometimes teleconference software blocks applications trying to listen to it.

We recommend using Google Chrome to troubleshoot

Try starting Tali in a different tab from your teleconference meeting.

Choose a neutral website, such as and start your Ambient Scribe recording in this web page

Sharing the Screen & Audio

You may have to share the Entire Screen so Tali can hear the conversation in your other tab.

Check the "Also share system audio' toggle.

Why doesn't Ambient Scribe show the Clinician / Patient labels?

Ambient Scribe is only able to use a single microphone on your computer, so it won't be able to label different people speaking.

However, Ambient Scribe uses the context of the conversation to determine who is the clinician and who is the patient. Tali then uses this context to intelligently generate the summary note.

Is TeleHealth available in Tali Desktop?

Not at this time.

What if my teleconference software is on my desktop?

Tali's TeleHealth feature only exists in the Chrome Browser at this time.

Depending on the security of your computer, you may be able to use Tali in the Chrome Browser, and share the 'Entire Screen' instead of a 'Chrome Tab'. If your settings allow, it may be able to hear a desktop teleconference call.

When you share the Entire Screen, you have to click the toggle button that says "Also share system audio'.

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