Getting Started with Tali Mobile

Tali's mobile app lets you use Tali anywhere you work with patients.

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Tali’s mobile app is simple but powerful: it listens to your conversation with your patient and generates the note, just like on your computer. Give yourself the flexibility and efficiency that only a mobile device can provide.

To start:

First, create your Tali account on our website. If you have one already, then you’re set.

Next, download the app and install it on your phone. Use the QR code below to find the mobile app in your device’s app store, or just click here for Android or click here for Apple / iOS.

Then, open the app and login to your Tali account, using the same email address you used when creating the account on our website.

Before you can use the app, you're going to need to enable microphone permissions. When prompted to do so, click 'OK' to allow Tali to use your device's microphone:

Finally, start talking! Use the mobile app to record a patient visit, clicking ‘Done’ when the visit is over.

To get the Note into your EHR, log into Tali on your computer to paste the note into your EHR. Any notes created on your mobile will be in your history:

Use Tali on a computer where you can access your EHR.

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