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How to Use Ambient Scribe on Tali Mobile
How to Use Ambient Scribe on Tali Mobile

Steps to create and maintain a Patient Visit using Ambient Scribe on Tali Mobile

Written by Sheri Patterson
Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Click on the yellow Tali Icon in the middle bottom of the screen

Step 2: Select the 'Record a Patient Visit' button to start Ambient Scribe

Step 3: Immediately, Tali begins to record. Before clicking on 'Done', choose any alternative template by clicking on 'Select'

Step 4: Click on the radio button beside the preferred template.

Only 1 Template can be selected at a time

Step 5: When the visit is complete, the “Processing the Conversation” page appears - DO NOT EXIT THIS SCREEN

Step 6: Once the generated summary note appears, a new visit can begin

Note: Your History is available by clicking on the 'History' button at the bottom right of your mobile app.

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