Quick Start on Tali Desktop

Tali's desktop app lets you use Tali anywhere you work with patients.

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Tali's Desktop App is designed for users who want the flexibility of running Tali AI independently of other applications on their desktop. You may want to run it along side your EHR desktop application, or you may just want Tali out of the way when you're working in your EHR web application.

First, create your Tali account on our website. If you have one already, then you’re set.

Next, click on the "View all download links" on the website to see all Tali's options for download

We have 3 desktop options for download:

  1. Tali for Windows

  2. Tali for Mac M1

  3. Tali for Mac Intel

Click the "Download Tali for..." button to start the download

Depending on your web browser, the download may be visible or it could be happening in the background.

If you're using Google Chrome, a download icon appears in your toolbar on the top right , where you can access downloads

Download filenames are:

  • Windows: Tali-setup.exe

  • Mac M1: taliarm64.dmg

  • Mac Intel: tali.dmg

Execute the downloaded software to install it on your desktop

If you have any software running on your desktop for security protection, you may have to accept Tali as a trusted source before installation will complete.

To open the Tali Desktop App, search for the Tali App in your programs

A login window will appear. Click on "Get Started" if you're ready to login

Enter your email

Enter the 4 digit code mailed to you.

After a successful login, the Tali App will open expanded on your desktop and it's ready to use:

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