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How to Use Medical Dictation on Tali Mobile
How to Use Medical Dictation on Tali Mobile

Learn how to dictate on the go, or whenever you're away from your computer

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How to use Medical Dictation on a Mobile Device

If you are constantly on-the-go and need to dictate medical notes quickly and efficiently, the Medical Dictation on Mobile feature is here to save the day. With just a few simple steps, you can dictate your notes on your mobile device and easily transfer them to your EHR when you're back at your computer.

Getting Started

To use the Medical Dictation feature, you will need to first download and log into our mobile app.

Dictating Your Notes

After logging into the app, click on the '+' button at the bottom of your screen, then 'Dictate a Note' to begin a new dictation.

As you are dictating, you can use punctuation commands. You will also have the option to pause or cancel the recording at any time. When you are satisfied with your recording, click on the "done" button to save it.

Transferring Your Notes to EHR

Once you are back at your computer, open your EHR system and navigate to the desired patient's chart. From here, simply copy and paste the dictation from the mobile app into the appropriate section within the patient's chart.

That's it! You have successfully used Medical Dictation on your mobile device to dictate and transfer your notes to your EHR system. This feature not only saves you time, but also ensures that your notes are accurate and complete as they are dictated in real-time.

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