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Which version should I download and install?
Which version should I download and install?

Installation options for Google Chrome, Windows, Mac and Mobile

Written by Sheri Patterson
Updated over a week ago

If you're a self starter, you may want to get started using Tali right away, but which version of Tali is best for you?

Top tip: you can a mix of these different options, on different devices. Any note generated using your account on one device will be available on another, no matter which of these was used to generate it.

I'm an Oscar User!

If you are on Oscar Pro, you can follow these instructions.

I like Chrome!

We recommend the Chrome Extension for all web-based EHRs, so if your practice allows you to use a Chrome browser, the Chrome Extension is an option for all EHR systems, including EHRs that run on your desktop.

The extension uses all the settings in your Chrome browser to do its thing. It installs in the Chrome web store along with any other Extension you may have in there. You can add and remove it whenever you like, this will not impact your Tali account settings or transcription history.

Once it is installed, Tali will ask you to sign in, and request access to your microphone.

I prefer desktop apps!

The Desktop version of Tali, available for Windows PCs or Macs, will install directly onto your computer, and it uses its own space on the desktop - so you can move it around. You can launch and close Tali in the same way you launch and close your EHR system.

Tali sits on top of your EHR system while they share the same window, but you can drag it around if it's in the way. Your account on the desktop is in sync with the Chrome Extension, so you can use both programs if you like.

The interface for both look identical except for the way they minimize (or shrink). The desktop has a Collapse feature that makes it as small as possible while recording, so you can see what else you need to see in your EHR.

I want to use my mobile!

The Mobile version of Tali is designed for phone usage, but it can also be installed on a tablet. You can download the app from App Store on your Apple device, or Google Play on your Android device.

The interface on the Mobile app is more compact than the other interfaces, but you can still use Ambient Scribe, Dictation and see all your history. This version is great for clinicians on the move and need a quick way to record a visit or capture an event. Your notes will be waiting for you later in the day on your desktop or chrome extension so you can finalize the encounter in your EHR.

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