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Which plan should I choose?
Which plan should I choose?

Tali plans that fit your practice

Written by Sheri Patterson
Updated over a week ago


A 14-day free trial of the Pro version to start working with all the features of Tali in your clinical setting. After your free trial, you still have limited monthly use of the Pro features.


Unlimited use of the Medical Dictation service. Copy/Paste your dictated notes into your EHR system, ask Tali Medical Questions and try new Beta features in their early stages.


All the features of the Premium plan, plus Ambient Scribe - a service that does the work of transcribing your notes into Templates for you.


Multi-provider practices can receive all the features of the Pro plan, plus the convenience of coordination of payments, onboarding, training and system usage reporting.

For pricing information and to start your free trial, visit the pricing page
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